Interesting thought…

Deborah Stone, editor of ArtsHub, says that the visual art of costume and set design brings out the grandeur of the music in the Australian Ballet’s new Sleeping Beauty…

“…costume and set designer Gabriela Tylesova stood out. Her lavish Rococo set and costumes had the delicious charm of a Fragonard painting. Each act delivered another beautiful colour palette, evoking the powdered wigs and courtly manners of 17th Century France. In the ​christening scene burgundy and gilt set a royal mood, in the hunt fairy glade greens evoked the natural setting. The garden pastoral dripped with bowers of pink and turquoise, a particularly stunning combination, and the apotheosis of the wedding scene bathed the stage in swathes of gold and crystal with a sumptuousness worthy of Versailles.

It was a setting which brought out the grandeur of Tschaikovsky’s score and set the scene for a majestic reinterpretation of – and additions to – Petipa’s famous choreography.” – Sleeping Beauty Review

What do you think? Can the visual art of costume and set design bring out or enhance certain qualities in music used for dance?




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