Super Ballet Ads

Since the Super Bowl has everyone talking about ads, I thought I’d be interesting to consider what makes super ballet ads. Advertising is an art, after all, just like dance. So, here are the qualities that I believe create strong, memorable video ballet promos-

  • Insightfully condensed – Captures the essence of the ballet in a couple of minutes or less.
  • New footage – Offers something different than a montage of past performance clips – not that performance montages can’t be effective – but I like the fresh feel of something filmed specifically for the ad.
  • Accurate tone – Doesn’t drift into overly-dramatic-epic-movie-trailer territory or make the ballet seem like something it isn’t.
  • Uses music from the ballet itself – It just offers a more authentic representation of the production.
  • No voice over – For ballet ads, visuals and music just seem to speak louder than words.

Here are a few examples below. What do you like in ballet ads? What are some good ads I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments.

Giselle, Queensland Ballet

George Balanchine’s Nutcracker, Alabama Ballet

Swan Lake, Nashville Ballet


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